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    Thanks for the memories! Regarding the future of DCXV

    Thanks for the memories! Regarding the future of DCXV

    When I left my job to pursue DCXV full-time, there were few who didn’t think I was at least a little delusional. Admittedly, it isn’t usually advisable to leave a job and start a company from your parents’ garage, with no prior experience, and with less than what some pay in rent. My heart however, disagreed; I’m glad it did, and that I was too young and too foolish to listen to anything else. After several incredible years, it’s time again to listen.


    I am excited to announce that Wednesday, January 31st will be the last day of operation for the DCXV retail shop. After a pause to examine and refine our process, the plan is to continue with wholesale and online, though going forward the focus will be on periodic limited releases. 


    The last few years have been filled with some amazing opportunities to create art and collaborate with wonderful brands and artists, so I’ve decided to make the change and focus on that side of my work. I’m excited for what I’ve been working on lately, and for what’s to come.


    Through DCXV I received an education, a lifetime of experiences, and made friends from all over the world that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you to everyone who has supported DCXV (especially those of you who got the logo tattooed… I mean, come on!).


    Thank you,